Barry replies….

I received a reply from Barry O’Farrell, Leader of the Opposition in NSW, regarding my DER enquiry.

Have a read:

I guess that’s a yes? What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Barry replies….”

  1. Well I believe they are skirting the issue for a couple of reasons Jonsey.
    1. No one knows whats happening with the National Curriculum other than it is coming.
    2. NSW is broke, if the Federal Government drops the DER funding at anytime there are not to many states which could keep funding such an initiative.

    • Thanks for the comments, Warrick and Victor. I just hope the great work that has been started in schools isn’t wasted because DER becomes a “non core” promise in an election.

  2. I like to share my encounter with Mr O’Farrell during the by election for the seat of Ryde. To cut right to the chase I just stated my concern. “Barry” I said “School Libraries!” Without batting an eyelid he spoke from the heart. “Absolutely”. And I sighed with relief.


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