Big night out!

The busy week continues. Monday was a staff development day, where technology was the focus. We had our partner primary schools (all part of the Erina Learning Community) on site and there were masses of technology in teaching  sessions running. I ran a Intro to Moodle, which from the feedback was pretty well received. I ( and I’m sure the other presenters too) had spent a lot of time preparing for the day, so when it was over, the return to everyday school (for me) seemed a little anticlimactic. But the buzz around the school regarding the use of technology has certainly grown. the challenge I guess is to keep it going.

Which brings me to the next big moment in the week. Birds of Tokyo were playing at a local Leagues club, and a couple of mates and I went off to see them. It was an awesome show – what a band. The smallish venue was full, the volume was at 11 and the band was tight. We had a great time  – beers, laughs and inevitably some shop talk (but that’s what teachers do).

What struck me most about the night was the the way technology has changed going to a gig compared to when I was in my gig going prime. Mobile phones are in everyone’s pockets, and they were being used to record the gig amongst other things. In days gone past, not many people (apart from dedicated anorak fans) would consider filming gigs. Now it is par se.

As a teacher, it got me thinking. I know the vast majority of kids have phones at my school, but we ban them from the learning environment.  Perhaps we need to change that. But winning over a staff who see them (the phones) as a nuisance rather than a potential engagement tool would be a tough fight. I some people have experimented and had success like MrRobbo. I’ll have a think about that one.

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