DVR Glasses

I recently bought some DVR glasses from Kogan. I thought they might be an interesting experiment for a PE classroom.

This test was with my son sitting in the front seat of our car, on the way to his school. I noticed the .avi video quality was much better viewed straight form the memory card. Uploaded to YouTube, it seemed to lose some of it’s clarity. He was a bit quick with his movements too, and that would be a user technique to refine in the future.


I reckon they could be good for video explanations of work done or skills learned from a performers point of view (POV).

I’ll take them to the cricket nets next. I’ll try riding my bike with them as well.

What do you think they could be used for?

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4 thoughts on “DVR Glasses”

  1. Interesting concept. The performers point of view for sports where keeping an ey on the ball is critical would be good. I’m thinking point of view for golf would be good to look at. So many people raise their head early to see where the ball is going.Not sure if being such a fast movement (golf swing), the glasses would cope?

    May also be possible to do some driver ed with xbox? Students sending text messages, changing radio while playing a driving game. Might be a good way to show far far car travels in short periods of time etc.

    • Hey Darryn. Thanks for your comment and interest in the blog. I’ll be testing the golf swing thing today (26/10/12). The Xbox application is a nice one too. The limit seems to be battery life and memory card space. I haven’t extended either yet – but that will be for future testing as well.

  2. Jonesy, any joy with the golf swing? I’m really interested in how they would work in a game like touch football or soccer to see what the players are watching while they play and even using the information gathered to analyse future options in a game when you find yourself in a familiar situation. Which raises this issue of how they could be used to assist mental imagery by recording succesful attempts that the player can play back and use to create a mental picture of their surrounds, the sounds etc etc.

    • Hey Jay and thanks for the question.
      I’ve uploaded a video of the Golf Swing test – check it out here.
      I have to say first impressions weren’t encouraging – the POV was all wrong. It may be user error, or just require some tougher filming protocols.
      But I think they have application in other areas for kids and learning.
      Recording process in coaching (they have sound as well), “How to” videos in constructing things.
      I think they’re even cheaper than when I bought them – may be that says something! 🙂


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