No sleep for the wicked

I went to sleep on the lounge in front of Law and Order, and now I can’t get sleepy again. May as well blog.

My week in dot points:

  • Went to school
  • Explored DER laptop – found that webcam, that is supposed to be enable with Lenovo Easyshare, can’t be enabled with Lenovo Easyshare, because…….Lenovo Easyshare wasn’t rolled out with the laptop. DER indeed!
  • Found that the webcam can be used with Adobe Premiere Elements, and something called Quickmark (must look into what that is)
  • Moodle has taken off at Erina. Every man and his dog wants in.
  • Ran PDHPE stall at Stage 6 Information evening. Ran a dodgy scrolling powerpoint and made the technonewbes amongst the staff nervous. No one wanted to be next to my stall because mine was too techno!
  • Twitter stopped working tonight (or late last night, now). Amazing how I missed it!
  • Twitter responsible for late night, the night before. Red Remover and Totem Destroyer , as introduced by another Tweeter, put me way past my bedtime. Both addictive (and fun)

Time to sleep

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