Students making their Debut

Just a quick one.

Part of our Yr10 School to Work assessment task portfolio is to be “mock” interviewed.

In order to get ready for this (for some) traumatic experience, I decided to exploit a piece of software on the DER laptops.

Called Debut Video Capture, it allows you to easily record video using the webcam on the laptop. It comes preloaded on the laptop, but is also available free on the internet for webcam enabled PCs

I created an activity where the students responded to typical interview questions on a live PDF. They then used these answers as the basis of a “rehearsal” interview with a friend. But instead of just talking to their friend, they recorded themselves, and then showed me the product. I can then offer instant feedback on their interview technique, replay and discuss. Normally, I would only get to watch then once if I tried this “live” with every student in the class.

Worst case scenario, if they don’t finish in class, they can do it at home and email me the video, or put it in our class folder with Photobucket.

This tool could be used in any faculty, for almost any task or activity where kids talk. Practice speeches and  presentations ….you name it.

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