A shoebox full of crap..or the answer?

I’ve been madly saving bookmarks of sites that I think I could use for my kids at school, but all I think I’ve created is a shoebox full of crap (that everyone has somewhere).

I’ve recently asked myself  “What is going to work with my students when my lessons involve technology/Web 2.0+ tools in the near future?” Moodle has exploded at my school and IWBs are commonly used, but what instruments can I use that will engage and extend my students in a meaningful way so that their learning is enhanced without the whole exercise becoming a vacuous window dressing exercise?

Blogs and Wikis require commitment. I need more variety than creating presentations, or comics or animations. Video creating and editing needs some level of assumed knowledge, technology and expertise. Or perhaps a little of all I’ve just mentioned will provide the variety and stimulation for my students.

Right then…time to sift through the shoebox…

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