GPS Dataloggers – the first real test

Just a quick update on the MainNav GPS dataloggers that I spoke about in a previous post.

I tested them today in a short  OzTag game. The kids wore them in the supplied wrist/ankle pouches. They seemed to allow free movement (well..none of the kids complained about feeling awkward). They were certainly engaged and interested in the experiment!

After the game, I  downloaded the data from each unit using the supplied software and saved the data to .kmz (for Google Earth) and .gpx files (for Garmin Connect)

In Google Earth, I opened each track data file individually (File>Open) and they overlapped each other. By right clicking on the track itself and selecting Properties, I could change the track colour.

If you have Google Earth v6 or better, this file should should take you to my school oval, with the tracks of the kids visible in 3 colours. The zoom in is impressive , too!

In Garmin Connect, this is what the .gpx file uploaded to look like The zoom in on the track stops before you see it up close, but the other data could be useful in analysis.

I see a lot of potential uses for this in PE. As @DrAshCasey and @jaytrevaskis  suggested earlier, tracking positional play in game situations is one use. If it were possible, I’d like to put one inside a ball to track and analyse its progress around a field too.

The next step will be to get the kids to understand the interface and become confident users of the devices. ( I wouldn’t say I was an expert yet, but I’m getting better).

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4 thoughts on “GPS Dataloggers – the first real test”

  1. love it, have just had my two units arrive last week and will be testing them out soon in preperation for year 12 theoretical content coming up very soon


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