Liven up your Moodle Front Page

Rather than having a plain list of courses or categories, why not try to liven up your Moodle front page by having clickable icons that link you to your courses?

Once you know how, its pretty easy.

Go to the Site Admin menu, click on Front Page and then Front Page settings. Find the check box for “Include a topic section” and check it. Save your changes and then go to your front page. Turn editing on, and you’ll see the edit icon at the top of the page, which allows you to creat a topic label, just like on a course page. Click the edit icon, and you’ll see your regular editing options. From the tool bar, find the Table button and create a table. This is where you can insert text and images in a table. Insert your images (they have to be uploaded to your Moodle site first) into one row of the table, and in a row underneath I’d suggest you type in a label for each image. Now you need to link the image to the course page using the hyperlink button. I’d suggest you copy and paste each course address to a Word document, and then cut and paste into the hyperlink box when prompted. Once you have your links working, center your pictures and text labels so they look neater, and there you go! Have a look at my school front page ( as an example.

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  1. Hi
    I was reading your glogster info on
    im doing a report with my daughter on glogster.
    would you know how i can load or put a video in the video section?


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