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I was out riding today, and got swooped twice by magpies. I love magpies, but they unfailingly scare the hell out of me when they do that.

Meet the mad Mingara magpie. Source: The Daily Telegraph

I know the swooping only happens at the beginning of Spring, and I’m ready for it. But I know some aren’t. So I started a map to locate swoop zones for unsuspecting cyclists. Forewarned is forearmed, they say.

View Magpie Map in a larger map

I’d like to crowdsource this into a bigger resource. If you know of a magpie swoop zone, leave details in the comments and I’ll add them to the map.

Happy cycling.

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3 thoughts on “Maggie map”

  1. Great idea Jonesy. Hate that noise they make just above your head as they swoop.

    Here’s mine to add.
    Shaun street Glenwood NSW – this mad Maggie gets fired up if you are anywhere near a bike. If you are walking past thinking about a ride and it will swoop. Has been fired up by the local kids over the years.

    Last week seen two riders bombed as I was driving. Just passed the bunnings on Windsor Rd at McGraths hill. (Direction – heading out to Windsor)

  2. The Shaun St Maggie struck again this morning this time tagging me just behind the ear. No blood, so I’m claiming points.

    While out i found another fiery character on the shared path running up Windsor road. Got me in both directions In between Schofields Rd and Commercial Rd

    So how long do they nest for?


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