Moodle for the PE teacher

In that sea on Web 2.0 stuff that I’m drifting in at the moment, one really cool application that I’ve started using consistently is Moodle. While it’s not exactly Web 2.0 (its been around for a while), I’m using it as a vehicle for delivering Web 2.0 learning tools to my students from one convenient (and safe) location.
Being a PE teacher, the application of technology in the classroom has a different focus to that of a teacher in a room in front of a IWB all day, or with access to PCs/laptops/Internet/desks when they want them, and that might be the subject of another post another day.
When I do get a chance to work on theoretical concepts for my course, I want it to be snappy, engaging and to honour some of the key skills of my subject, which is communication, collaboration and evaluation.
Moodle has given me the chance to do all this. I know there are other CMS (Classroom Management Systems) out there, but once I looked at and played with Moodle, I didn’t need to look anywhere else.

While its a work in progress, check out my school’s Moodle site here . It’s a combination of filing cabinet for resources, as well as links to sites that are the basis of lessons. Best of all, it’s available 24/7 to staff, students and parents.

In particular look at the “School to work PDHPE Assessment Task”.  It’s an example of the simple things that can be done.

We don’t have total control over the site at the moment, so it might look a bit clunky, but we have big redevelopment plans in the near future when we get to host it ourselves.

In the meantime, this is probably the best video explaining what Moodle can do.

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