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One really simple way of using QR Codes in everyday teaching is to put them on an excursion note.
In this case, the code leads to a Wallwisher wall, where I can leave up to minute information about the excursion for the students and their parents.
If the weather is dodgy, for instance, I can leave a post-it on the wall saying the excursion is on or off. I can also leave reminders about gear, final instructions for individuals, you name it.
With most kids (or their parents) owning QR capable phones, and NSW DET students in Yrs 9 & 10 having Quickmark QR readers on their laptops, it makes this technique very accessible.

Check out a QR excursion note here

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2 thoughts on “QR excursion note”

  1. This is something i’m keen to utilise this year. New to QR codes thanks to your work on twitter! can you upload a file to wallwisher? eg word doc or pdf of a swimming carnival program?


    • Hi Darryn,
      Thanks for your interest and for visiting the blog! In answer to your question about uploading files, Wallwisher lets you link stickies to PDFs with web addresses i.e. PDFs in Google docs. But I understand Lino.it allows you to embed documents in their stickies. Well worth a look I reckon.


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