Jonesy 101

I’m going to use this place to document where I go with implementing technology at my school. I’ll try to keep what I write brief, but I can’t promise anything!

Just a bit of a profile first to set the scene. I’ve been teaching for 22 years now, initially as a casual (temporary) teacher, then as a full time PDHPE teacher in places like Wollongong (3 years), Katoomba ( 9 years) and then the Central Coast of NSW  – Tumbi Umbi (1 year) and then Erina (10 years). I’ve been Head Teacher for about 5 of those years at Erina.

I’va always been interested in gadgets, and I’ve always tried to find a use for them in teaching. With the explosion of Web 2.0 tools, laptops for students and faster access to the Web generally, I feel like I’m surfing a huge wave of change regarding getting technology to work at school.

Let’s get stuck in!

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